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Centennial Flyers wants to put you at the controls of an airplane! You will be accompanied by an Independent FAA Certified Flight Instructor who will keep you safe and guide you through a flight while you do all of the flying in one of Cirrus SR20 aircraft! This is a state of the art aircraft and able to accomadate you + 2 passangers and an instructor. The instructor will perform as much of the flight as is necessary for safety, but will teach you how to takeoff and you will do almost all of the flying yourself!


A Discovery Flight is designed to allow you to discover the joy of flight. If you have never been up in a single engine airplane before, or if you are just thinking about learning to fly, but are not quite sure, this is a great way to start. Your pilot will be one of Centennial Flyers Independent FAA Certified Flight Instructors. He or she will show you how to pre-flight the airplane. Then you'll climb aboard and start the engine. Once completing the checklist you'll radio the tower for a taxi clearance and head for the active runway. In just a few minutes you will find yourself floating gently off the ground and into the exciting world of flying for 1 (one) hour. Everything is included — there are no hidden costs or fees.



Please give us as much advance notice as possible so that we may plan your flight for the best use of your time if you are planning on bringing someone to take pictures of you flying your first airplane. (There is no extra charge for up to 2 extra passengers!)


Don’t forget your checklist:

a Photo ID for each person (TSA rules),

your camera, plenty of memory space



*Price is for a SR20 and two extra passengers

Cirrus SR20 G6 Discovery Flight Gift Certificate (1 Hour)

  • We will be in contact with you after purchase or feel free to call us. Please leave in the comments if it is a gift or if you have any special requests. 


As a purchaser or participant you agree to the following :

As a willing participant in aviation activities, I, for myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assignees, hereby agree and covenant that I will never institute, prosecute or in any way demand, claim or file suit against Centennial Flyers, LLC for any loss, damage, injury to my person or property which may occur from any cause whatsoever as a result of my participation in aviation activities. I shall indemnify and hold harmless Centennial Flyers LLC, its owners, agents, contractors and any other persons or entities associated with Centennial Flyers LLC from all claims, demands, damages, losses, causes of action or other expenses, including attorneys’ fees, which may arise including from, but not limited to claims, actions, agreements, errors, omissions, accidents or incidents by third parties, including, but not limited to instructors, pertaining to my participation in aviation activities.

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