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The late Tom Smith was the founder of Centennial Flyers and a retired Legacy Airline Captain. Tom was also  a recipient of the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. This award is the most prestigious award the FAA issues to pilots and requires more then 50 years of professionalism, skill, and aviation expertise.

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Owner / DO

Scott is a current Boeing 777 Pilot for a major airline and Owner/Director of Operations at Centennial Flyers.  



Secretary / Treasurer

Debi is a practicing registered nurse, by trade, since 1985, and the gal behind the scenes. Debi assists  with many of the daily management tasks required for day -to -day operations.




Chief Pilot

Paul is a retired Continental Pilot with extensive domestic and international experience. Over 32 years of flying as Captain and First Officer on B737, B757, B767 & Flight Engineer on B727, A300. He is also a flight instructor in general aviation for over 50 years with CFI, CFII, MEI, 3000+  hrs of instruction given and 33,000+ total flight time. Paul is also the recipient of the prestigious Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award!

Paul Sciera




Senior Safety Pilot

Brandon is a former Naval Aviator,Aerospace Engineer, and now Program Manager & part-time MEI/CFI.  He is a hybrid instructor pilot educated through military and civilian flight programs, including the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and FAA Part 61, with 20 years’ flying experience. 


Brandon offers integrated flight instruction, from discovery/intro flights, single and multi-engine training, to military jet aviators transitioning to general aviation.  As a part-time FAA instructor pilot since 2006, he is generally available weekends, early morning/late afternoon weekdays, and potentially other times with sufficient planning.


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Asst. Chief Pilot

Rob is a native Denverite and soloed at Centennial on his 16th birthday and got his private on his 17th birthday.  He has a BSE from Princeton University in Management Systems and a minor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.  He played on the professional squash tour for ten years, retired and worked for Prince Sports and then ran tech startups. He and his family lived in Madrid, Spain for 13 years before returning to Colorado in 2012.  Rob has flown small planes from Alaska to Hawaii, Canada to Spain and has many hours in the Colorado mountains has over 1,300 total hours. 


His focus in teaching is on understanding the plane, the airspace, communications and each person’s unique characteristics. If you want to get your Private, Commercial, Multiengine or need a checkout for High Performance, Complex or Mountain Flying, I am available to get you there. I can work with you on flying better and Colorado we have a lot of challenges given the altitude, weather, and the hot summers. Cessnas, Beechcraft, Pipers are my sweet spot. Teaching is my love along with flying!

Rob Hill

+1.720.469.8069 cell

SKYPE: robhill84




Asst. Chief Pilot

Native to Colorado, Bill grew up in a ‘flying family’ learning to fly in the Colorado mountains with his father, a natural resources pilot.  In his youth, Bill gained hands-on experience in number of different aircraft. On his 16th birthday in Montrose, CO, he soloed planes including a 1947 Bonanza, a Piper PA18 Super Cub, and a PA28.  Bill spent his career in aviation, and recently retired from Denver TRACON (Approach Control/FAA ATC) after 40 years in combined work different air traffic control facilities. In addition to flight instruction, he now works developing IFR procedures, and as a Flight Validation Pilot, for RNAV PBN procedures. 


Bill holds ATP (ME Land), COMM (SE Land & Sea) and CFII/SE&ME certificates and ratings, with over 36 years of CFI experience.  Bill specializes in high-elevation and mountain flight training, and is an assistant Mountain Flying Chairman with the Colorado Pilot’s Association.






Adam is a part time instructor and joins us with an expansive background.  He is a Delta Air Lines Airbus 330 Pilot and an Army Attack Helicopter Pilot.  He has over 8,000 flight hours and over 1,000 in Combat. He loves to share his passion for general aviation whether looking to build a career or a hobby.  He holds an Airline Transport certificate with type ratings in the Boeing 777, 767, 757, Airbus 330, 320, Beach 1900, Citation 500, DC-9, and De Havilland DHC-8.  He is Commercially rated in the AH-64 A, D Apache Helicopter, OH-58 A/C and Bell 206. He is a Certified Flight Instructor with Instrument Ratings.  Call, email or text to get on his schedule!

Delta Air Lines 777 Pilot
Military Aviator

Me & Skybolt Fav.jpg


Hi, I’m Spencer Mamber and I’ve been flying and instructing for more years than most of you reading this. 😉 I’m a former USAF Instructor pilot with a ATP, CFIIA, CFIME and Single Engine SEA. I also have commercial privileges in the Boeing 707/720 & Rotorcraft Helicopters. What I enjoy most is what I call Primary Instructing, taking a pedestrian and turn them into a Private Pilot. My primary vocation is being a RE/MAX Realtor, so the number of students I take on IS limited. I am an aircraft owner and after more than 8,300 hours, I still love to fly. Welcome to Centennial Flyers!


RE/MAX Masters Millennium

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Wil is an active commercial pilot and flight instructor. Holding additional flight certificates in both Canada and Hungary. Additionally over the last 11 years, has been an FAA Safety Representative out of the Denver Regional FSDO 

Cell: 303.870.4632






- Part time instructor (CFI) with 3650 hours total time, and 500 hours instruction given. 

- Electrical Engineer and Project Manager for a small automation/controls company. 

- Five years experience in part 121 airline and 135 on-demand charter. Dornier 328, CASA-212, King Air C90, and Mitsubishi MU-2. 

- Part-time instructor on weekends and evenings, but can squeeze flights in on weekdays with advance notice. 

- Initial training for Private Pilots, Flight Reviews, and Club Checkouts. 





A retired Air Force Officer, JJ has over 20 years of experience in military, commercial, and general aviation.  JJ is a part-time CFI and has a flexible schedule for working with students. With 3,000+ flying hours, JJ offers flight instruction across the spectrum to include: discovery/intro flights, basic flight training, flight reviews, instrument proficiency checks, training for advanced ratings, and transition from military to civilian aviation.



Mobile: (609) 351-1624

Evan Caravan.JPG

                    Evan Hvizdak

Evan received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering and his private pilot license in the mid 1970’s.  He had a varied career, retiring from law enforcement aviation in 2017.  His retirement provides extremely flexible scheduling and the ability to “give back” to the aviation community as a Part 61 instructor.  His patient instruction emphasizes tailoring the learning process to the novice pilot for the most safe, effective, and efficient training.  His passion for aviation is contagious and motivating. 



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